A fighting video game created by Minoru Daichi, where teams with mixed Kamen Riders, Super Sentai members, Metal Heroes, Tomica Heroes, Pretty Cures, Idols and Chouseishin members fighting. All 24 teams of five must fight each other in a tournament manner, and the team who won the game in this game is given the right to become Go Pretty Cure.

After clearing Ultra Super Hero Taisen, a bonus stage is played and that Ultra Super Hero Taisen was actually Ultra Shocker Taisen.



Heroes from real world's counterpartsEdit

Kamen RidersEdit

  • Kamen Rider 4
  • Kamen Rider Amazon New Omega
  • Kamen Rider Birth Prototype
  • Kamen Rider Zanki
  • Kamen Rider Joker

Super SentaiEdit

  • Beast-Demon Hunter Zeek
  • Brave Kyoryu Blue
  • Brave Kyoryu Gold
  • KaiShine

Metal HeroesEdit

  • Extradimensional Supplier Kabuto
  • Juspion
  • Mightburn
  • Sharivan

Tomica HeroesEdit

  • Fire-5
  • R2
  • RU
  • Ryukendo

Pretty CuresEdit

  • Cure Berry
  • Cure Moonlight
  • Cure Mofurun
  • Cure Mirage


  • Kanata Kira
  • Koharu Nanakura
  • Mizuki Kanzaki
  • Aria Futaba


  • Demon Knight
  • Sazer Lion
  • Shark-Sazer
  • Riser Gant