kamen rider Shi

the evil team from rider travelers, team EVIL (eternally violent ill labors, meaning very good fighters that love seeing others ill or in pain) is led by kamen rider Shi, and is the team that launched the virus.


Gaoh: when offered a part of world domination, kamen rider gaoh joined kamen rider shi. he was given a lot of money for his train, which was the teams time machine.

Odin: odin, who knows a lot about the past, agreed to be part of Shi's team because of the payment.

Nishiki: when his team lost him, he decided he needed a new team. so he joined team EVIL.

TheBee: seeking revenge on kabuto, Gattack, and decade, TheBee joined team evil only to do this. because of his clock up, they were happy to except him.

Shi: kamen rider shi wants to take over the world, so he started team EVIL. he is Decades brother.

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