"Super Mario Run!"
―activation announcement[src]

"Gachan! Level Up! Jump Shite Jikkou! Super Mario Run!"
Level 2 transformation announcement[src]

"A Gacha! Running! Running! Running! Running! Power Up! Super Mario Run!"
Level 3 transformation announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Super Mario Critical Strike!"
―Gamer Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Super Mario Critical Finish!"
―Weapon finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! (Word from other Gashat's name) Super Mario Run Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Key Slasher finisher announcement[src]


Super Mario Run (スーパーマリオラン Sūpā Mario Ran?) is a video game based on the original game released by Nintendo Co., Ltd. , which serves as the basis for the Super Mario Run Gashat.

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