Shuryo Sentai Kojuranger (狩猟戦隊コウジューレンジャー) is the upcoming mid-2017 anime and live action hybrid series with the celebrates for Singular Rider series as a part of 100# S Anniversary. Due to debut of Dino Force Brave, it will contains redesign suits and more compatible mechas. This season has more lighter and comedic tone which added from Power Rangers Unchɐined as well returning features such as Ride-Gashat though as a supporting functions. Although they have retained features, Monster Musume's main feature designers creating Amazonz Rider with MonsGirls, the spinoff of Samuel Frontier series for this season which makes it is okay for season which South Korea and Japan requests for more sexual monster girls. It will be combines with to VRAINS into Kojuranger season called Kojuranger VRAINS.

It was adapted into PR: BEAST Steel/VRAINS, but this contains American-exclusive scenes which allows to more better than it's counterparts.


After defeating all of the enemies, all worlds were now finally peace led by the three Nobles. However, the peaceful lives was triggered by the unknown phenomenon and all worlds merged by the mysterious Noize. The new enemy comes into Main World and invades the world. Zebra contracts Double Dee and The two boys named Ikaru and Shunnosuke watches the new enemy named Lust and tries to invade Main World. Suddenly



Color Ranger
Red Star Aiji Nakaoka Joo and Clir
Flashing Star Ikaru
Ring Star Shunnosuke


  • Ultraman Geed - An mentor of Aizu Nakaoka Joo who taking care for her after the three Nobles reset World Re-carnation Project. 
  • Beerus - An former God's Destroyer.
  • Double Dee -
  • Yusaku Fusaki -


Lust ArmyEdit

  • Lust the Fallen Messiah
  • Kyuge the Spear Archer
  • Grandon the King's Specter


Transformation devicesEdit


Multi-use devicesEdit


Main CombinationsEdit

Auxiliary CombinationsEdit


  1. The Time Upon Begins/Into The Vrains


  • This season will be have female Red Ranger (in this case, Aui Nakaoka).
  • Two early functions which it was used for Kyutama or Gashats, but scrapped for the favor of KojuCapsu (the counterpart of Ultra/Kaiju Capsules).

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