Shuryo Sentai Kojuranger (狩猟戦隊コウジューレンジャー) is the upcoming mid-2017 anime and live action hybrid series with the celebrates for Singular Rider series as a part of 100# S Anniversary. Due to debut of Dino Force Brave, it will contains redesign suits and more compatible mechas. This season has more lighter and comedic tone which added from Power Rangers Unchɐined as well returning features such as Ride-Gashat though as a supporting functions. Although they have retained features, Monster Musume's main feature designers creating Amazonz Rider with MonsGirls, the spinoff of Samuel Frontier series for this season which makes it is okay for season which South Korea and Japan requests for more sexual monster girls. It will be combines with to VRAINS, adding Symphogear as well into Kojuranger season called Kojuranger VRAINS.

It was adapted into PR: BEAST Steel/VRAINS, but this contains American-exclusive scenes which allows to more better than it's counterparts.


After defeating all of the enemies, all worlds were now finally peace led by the three Nobles. However, the peaceful lives was triggered by the unknown phenomenon and all worlds merged by the mysterious Noize. The all of the villains having a trouble doing to destroy the worlds and the heroes and allies fight them. Unfortunately. the new enemy come forth and two female beings responsible to use the Noize named Khaos and Lust in one goal: To absorb every DNA as food for Khaos to become the ultimate lifeform. Khaos and Lust releases the swarms of Noize Beasts and killed and turned every heroes and villains into Charak Capsules by absorbing their DNA. The lone female survivor named Aiji Nakaoka Joo, was hunted by Lust who wants to taking care to her as Beerus stops her. Beerus sacrifice himself to save Aiji before she was transports to the past where Beerus and the others were still alive.



Color Ranger
Red Star Aiji/Clir/MekiNegami Nakaoka Joo
Flashing Star Ikaru Hojo
Ring Star Shunnosuke Akashi
Holy Star Giulio/Rio


  • Ultraman Geed - An mentor of Aiji Nakaoka Joo who taking care for her after the Samuel Nakaoka the Second and future Hibiki Tachibana resets Re-carnation Project to return back into the original states.
  • Clair Igami -
  • Beerus - An former God's Destroyer before he was killed by Lust. The past-present Beerus was still alive due to her future-present Beerus was killled. He was feared by Yusaku since Samuel Nakaoka enlists him five years ago.
  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second/Aoi Zaizen (Blue Angel) - The deceased leader of original Team Samuel who peacefully dies in order to reset the worlds into their original states. However, the spirit escapes the Spiritual World and met Sento, the world scientist who revives him as Lilikin only still remains as spirit form whenever he wanted. He possessed Aoi Zaizen in order to investigate the strange phenomenon as he also prevent Tachibana's future self to find him. He watches his granddaughter to battle the new threat.
  • Misumi Nagisa -
  • Stinger -
  • Double Dee -
  • Hibiki Tachibana -
  • Yusaku Fusaki/Playmaker - The one of Samuel Nakaoka the Second's Endforcers. He dislike Beerus revealing his identity.
  • Emma Bessho/Ghost Girl -



  • Khaos the Transcendent Lifeform - The one of the female main antagonist.
  • Priestess
    • Isk/Lust the Fallen Messiah - The one of the female main antagonist who responsible for killed her parents, making her an nightmarish enemy as she transport to the past. She collects every DNA on every one of them. She creates generals in order to advance her goal. She holds the dark version of Koju Riser which allows to fuse monsters into her own Koju Fusionary Monsters.
  • Generals
    • Nightin Rogue
    • Brood Stalk (Not partially villain)
  • Darkgialo Fusionary Monsters
    1. Apollo Geist Supernova (empowered by Lust)
    2. Beliacium Baron (Ultraman Belial: Kaiser Belial and Kaizer Baron Fusionary)
    3. Nemesis Gomora (Nemesis Early State and EX Gomora Fusionary)
    4. Tyrant Baron (Tyrant Perfect State and Lord Baron Fusionary)
    5. Destroy Minotuar
  • Other villains
    • Scorpio
    • Ikagen
    • Mardakko


Transformation devicesEdit

  • Handle Claw Capsu: Koju Riser
    • Aiji's Fusion Risers
      • Fusionary Rangers
        • SingulerBarcoder (Singular Rider S & Decade Fusionary)
        • DarkfireScanner (Dark Rouge & OOO Fusionary)
        • Perfect Match
    • Ikaru's Fusion Risers
      • Fusionary Rangers
        • HikariClasher (Ultraman Hikari & Fourze Fusionary)
        • Perfect Match
    • Shunnosuke's Fusion Risers
      • Fusionary Rangers
        • MoonEmerislash (Cure Moonlight & Ultraman Zero Fusionary)
        • Perfect Match


Multi-use devicesEdit


Main CombinationsEdit

  • Shinka Gattai KozyuKing  (Main mecha for the three Kojurangers)
  • Shinka Gattai SoraTenKu (secondary mecha for the three Kojurangers)
    • Mushi Koju Kabutos (Koju combination of Kabuto Origami and Beetron-1 Beetletop)
    • Mizuka Koju MogeDrill (Koju combination of Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and GoGoDrill)
    • Ginga Koju Wyverma (Koju combination of Red-Eyes Wyvern and Assault Wyvern)

Auxiliary CombinationsEdit


  1. The Time Upon Begins/Into The Vrains
  2. Kojurangers, Come Forth!/The Leviathan Dragon
  3. Ready, Fusion! Action!/The Feral Panthrea VS The Strongest Hits, Gouki
  4. The Unstable Kabuto/Aiji VS Blue Angel
  5. Blue Angel's Great Rampage!/Awakening, Clir
  6. Revolver's Decision/Hanoi Dragon's Roar
  7. Restoring Power/The Quiet One, Meki
  8. Aiji's Hopes/The Strike of Justice
  9. The Fourth Personality, Negami/The Supreme Dark Princess
  10. Aiji vs. Lust/Enter the Data Core
  11. Yusaku vs. Akira Zaizen/Supreme Princess vs. Tindangle
  12. The World Strongest Attack/Code Name
  13. Furious Sister!! Bond with Chocolat/Strike for the Blood
  14. Free the Hope, Guilio's Last Chance/Hissatsu no Helixx
  15. Holy Star, KojuMask is Finally Here/Goal to Reach
  16. ???
  17. ???
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  20. ???
  21. ???
  22. ???
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  24. ???
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  29. ???
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  31. ???
  32. ???


  • This season will be have female Red Ranger (in this case, Aiji Nakaoka).
  • Two early functions which it was used for Kyutama or Gashats, but scrapped for the favor of CharakCapsules (the counterpart of Ultra/Kaiju Capsules).

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