Proof of 4xEdit

200px-Agito Backdrop


Note: look at the angle at the tops wings it is the light of Kamen rider 4X

Proof of MegaMothEdit

200px-Kabuto Backdrop


Note: Look at the tip/top of the tower it's the shap of the Kamen rider MegaMoth's Zector

Proof of JacKnightEdit

200px-Blade Backdrop


Note: look at the bottom falling card it's blue like the color of the card that go's through Kamen rider JacKnight

Proof of Black RX 2Edit

180px-Black RX Backdrop


Note: look at the swords against the Crisis Empire's Ship theres 3 Kamen rider Black, Kamen rider Black RX, and now Kamen rider Black RX 2

Proof of AtacKivaEdit

200px-Kiva Backdrop


Note: look at the top of castle bodarin it's Kamen rider AtacKiva

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