"GAH! Why?! Why?! WHY?! This CAN BE happening! I am the strongest being of the universe!"
―Kumon Kai after losing to Samuel Nakaoka the Second in the final time

Kumon Kai is the former leader of Team Baron and known as Kamen Rider Baron, but corrupted into Red Master Baron (Lord Baron, later renamed as Red Lord's Baron in the Japanese version). However, Kumon's schemes was destroyed by Meianmon and Ordinemon and create a new personality and erasing the original personality in the process. With now joins with Samuel Nakaoka and Tsumiki, they reforms the revived Team Samuel in Sun and Moon Arc, but later gains the Mark of the Evolution God Head only gained the Jaw Crest in order to save him from his old self's revival. After Yuya and Zuzu joins the team, Kumon has a new idea that can evolve Team Samuel into Team ARC-V. According to Kumon himself, Team ARC-V represents the members who has the Mark of the Evolution God and they are bonded each others by ceasing their corruptions.


Gaim ArcEdit

Battle from both Human and Inves WorldsEdit

The Bloody MomentsEdit

Having Samuel Nakaoka critically damages on his face and rips his right mouth, he screams loudly at Samuel Nakaoka who reveals his true natures of human and BEAST and he was the son of his predecessor and Reinzuya.

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The Bloody RevengeEdit

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Samuel Nakaoka and Kumon Rematch ArcEdit

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Mark of the Evolution God on Kumon and TsumikiEdit

Before Kumon and Tsumiki desparates returns back to their old selves,



Initially, he was very ruthless and harsh person like Reginald Kastle who became his Barian Mode alias Nash. He was shared his hatred towards Samuel Nakaoka who doesn't care about being a weaker than Reginald.

After permanently killed by Samuel Nakaoka who nearly kill Nagisa and corrupts the cities, Kumon completely became very insane and hatred towards Samuel Nakaoka and rampaging through the Depths of Inferno.



Banana ArmsEdit

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Lord/Kaizer BaronEdit

Ate the rotten Golden Fruit, he viciously transforms into groteous stag-beetle-like monstrous form much as Samuel Nakaoka's great fury. He nearly beat Ryoma, Zack and Youko (who betrays him for being selfish kind), but only saved by White Wizard and Samuel Nakaoka the Second. His goal is to destroy and corrupt the cities as well creating the new images by taking Mai with him. However, his goal was stopped by an extremely enraged Samuel Nakaoka who using Formucar to transform into Formustar state by destroying him; ending his life eternally only Peter angrily tell him that his friends will permanently be a enemy of Samuel Nakaoka. Afterwards, his personality has became horror and insanity and towards Samuel Nakaoka the Second by attacking the Inferno.

This form is not techinally a final form due to considering to be monster form like Samuel Nakaoka the Second gains the "final form" (Formustar). It was also revealed that Lord Baron is actually an Overlord Inves armor during in Sun and Moon arc only the armor curse him.

As in the alternate timeline that Kumon's horrific defeat of hands by Samuel Nakaoka and his critically injures, he renamed himself as Kaizer Baron who decided to want destroy Earth. Eventually, he was nearly killed by Samuel Nakaoka's HeatBlaze Drive Drill only he can enter Hell Destructor and fused into an moth-like hybrid monstrosity that can finally kill Samuel Nakaoka the Second once and for all. However, thanks to his alternate future wife Nagisa and Krim, he can transform into newly upgrade form, Formustar Dragostorm to fight and kill the monster, ending of Kumon's threats.

As before renamed himself as Kaizer Baron, his scars was extremely massive and unable to heal himself. His right arm was torn apart by HeatBlaze's Dead Saw Slash and face was almost destroyed and was unable to summon Inves and become weaker.

In the anime special of PR the Series: Sun and Moon, he summons Samuel Nakaoka's previous enemies.

His Lord Baron form was lost forever when he turned back into whole human again by gaining the Mark of the Evolution God.

Enraged StateEdit

Due to Samuel Nakaoka's mockery, he screams in rage and aggressively transformed into seemingly angered state. However, this form was still overwhelmed by HeatBlaze's powers.

Kaizer Baron HellEdit

The false god-like form fused with Hell Destructor's body and tries to kill Samuel Nakaoka the Second. However, he fails to defeat Samuel Nakaoka the Second and killed by Formustar Dragostorm Finish Drill Strike and Tridoron Full Color's Tire Exchange Drill.


Singular Rider Baron QuestEdit


  • This Secondary Rider was only Rider that he turned evil, but cannot turned back into good because of his insanity in the this saga. Until Samuel Nakaoka and Kumon rematch battle concluded and he accept him as a friend, he was now protagonist in the later series; therefore he was no longer as anti-hero after becoming new and kind self.
  • After his new self was born while his old self was sealed, his personality was similar to Jack Atlas from 5D's while Tsumiki's personality is similar to Crow Hogan from 5D's. Kumon is one of the main character who was redeemed by Samuel Nakaoka's positive emotions that he forcibly stripes his all of his positive emotions away because of Reginald killed his wife Nagisa.