a note: this was the default version of kamen rider den-o. now, when it's time for the 14th series, is back.

plot: meruto, sheruto, and meguruto have woken up again, followed by the revived lord of shadows. Now, a new hero must take the 1st samuru's belt of power. but as the plot grows thicker, the ruto start getting more powerful, and it's ///'s job to keep the line going.

the legend: years ago, there was a beast on earth. he was called the lord of shadows. he had many servants, and fear of him was everywhere... except ...

the people were treated so badly, some even thought of just killing themselves it was as if the devil had tooken gods place. finally, a hero called samuru rose from the city. he had made a belt of pure steal. his comrads made belts of iron, gold, silver, and copper. together they defeated the lord of shadow. but he was not destroyed. he was lying in wait, of the right moment, to take out his rage...

synopsis: unlucky nao, working as a mailman, has a run in with a strange copy cat monster. and when he's acused and sent to jail, then rescued by a strange character (samuru the 11th, heir of samur the 1st) , he takes on the case. but when he's intoduced to characters so dangerous a human had no chance, and samuru is destroyed, he takes place as the 12th kamen rider ///. now, he is the protecter of the city.

advents: the helpers of kamer riders, like the imagin, they combine with the rider to create a form.