Henshins by inserting a music disk into his belt, a LP player. he also has numerous disks on his belt, and if he inserts them nito his Player (the player is called the JazzStriker) he can get into another form. by playing them, when they are inserted, he can do that forms finisher.

(from kiva's world)

bat :JazzKivatBat

character: originally a teaveler like kamen rider decade, kamen rider Jazz felt like staying in kiva's world when his mision failed. he bonded with JazzKivatBat, a grey Kivat bat with the ame additude as Jazz to stuff. jazzKivatBat ( JKB, as Jazz called him) could allow Jazz to transform into another kamen rider, kamen rider Ongaku (which means music in japanese).


Laydown: jazz sumersaults in the air until he hits the opponent and gets them spinning. jazz's basic forms finisher.

in all other finishers, Jazz plays the musics stile to deliver energy to his fist. the he jumps up and finishes the opponent off with a rider punch


Rock form: black. carries a silver staff.

Classic form: yellow. carries a bowgun.

Metal form: red. carries two nightsicks.

Funk form: blue. carries a shield and dagger.

Pop form: purple. carries a spikes club.

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