=== Kamen rider Gouk



Kamen rider Gouka Is an Evil Kamen rider that Control Makamou Without Douji and/or Hime. Name means "Hell Fire"

Arsernal and FinisherEdit

  • Henshin Kuro (変身鬼笛?): A flute whistle transformation device.
  • Ongekimei Kaihou (音撃鳴・つむじ?): A trumpet buckle.
  • Ongekikan Choudanoretsu (音撃管・嵐?): A trumpet Ongeki weapon. Means "long snake"
  • Ongeki Hyakuhei Tatsumaki Madobe (音撃射・風神怒髪?): Ongeki Finisher. Menas "Evil, Explosin, by the Wind,"

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