Niji KadoyaEdit

Dyna and Dyna Complete: Nijiyo Kadoya

Nijiyo Kadoya is the Son of Tsukasa Kadoya (aka Kamen rider Decade). He met Tsukasa in Dyna's world, but in Dyna's world Niji freaks out because Tsukasa never new Nijiyo but in the end they find out Daiki Kaito (aka Kamen rider Diend) life in Dyna's world was bad he was Killed by his own son Tankyuu Kaito. Who is now Kamen rider JiEnd a purple version of Diend. Niji and Tsukasa Defeated Tankyuuu by using an ability only Dyna can use. If Dyna transforms into a kamen rider with a Final form rider card Decade can transform him into it. example lets say Dyna turns into Kamen rider Kiva and Decade use's his Final form rider can so Dyna transforms into KivatArrow.


GolDriver, a Golden version of the DecaDriver

ProtoType, Dyna's card holder

Dyna complete, a device that lets Dyna turn into Dyna complete


Kamen riderEdit

Kamen rider Dyna

Kamen rider Zeta

Kamen rider JacKnight

Kamen rider 4X

Kamen rider MegaMoth

Kamen rider Duplicator

Kamen rider Jakuon

Kamen rider...

Attack riderEdit

Attack rider Slash

Attack rider Blast

Attack rider Invisible

Attack rider Virus

Attack rider Dragon Ring

Attack rider Hide

Attack rider Clock Up

Attack rider Twin Vent

Attack rider Guard Vent

Attack rider Strike Vent

Attack rider Disc Animal

Attack rider...

Final Attack RiderEdit

Final Attack Rider Dyna

Final Attack Rider Zeta

Final Attack Rider JacKnight

Final Attack Rider 4X

Final Attack Rider MegaMoth

Final Atack rider Duplicator

Final Attack rider Jakuon

Final Atatack rider...

Form RiderEdit

Form rider 4X Hallow

Form rider...

Final Form riderEdit

Final Form rider Zeta

Final Form rider JacKnight

Final Form rider 4X

Final Form rider MegaMoth

Final Form rider Dupliactor

Final Form rider Jakuon

Final Form rider...

Final Kamen riderEdit

Final Kamen rider Dyna