KF: hmm

Dyna: Bronzed world

(KF and Dyna find them selfsina high-tech city with a few monsters)

KF: were the heck are we

Dyna: Bronzed's world. Date December 31st, year 2087

KF: what?

????: Bzzz Bzzz I love the sound of death

Dyna: hm? an Imagin

KF: Henshin

Dyna: Henshin

(Dyna and KF rushed to the imagin who was attacking people)

Dyna: a Bee Imagin

KF: I got this

Dyna: wait-

KFBuckle: Thunder Slam

KF: Take this

Bee: Bzzz Bzzz i don't think so


Dyna: KrystalFear!

KF: my eyes

Bee: By by bzzz bzzz

(Dyna took KF to a hospital)

Dyna: hey is he going to bee alright)

Doctor: yes he'll be okay in 24hr's.

Dyna: ... sorry gotta go

(Dyna exitted the hospital but found him self in Time)

Dyna: HELLO!!! .....


Dyna: Bronzed liner

(Bronzed liner stopped)

Kibabeast: hello

Ibarabeast: what another passanger

Dyna: Kibabeast, Ibarabeast

Ibarabeast: Yow what how'd you know our names

Dyna: i know them because... "I Am Truly A Golden Generation"

Bronzed: whats the hold up

Dyna: Yo

Bronzed: Kamen rider Dyna !?

Dyna: yes?

Bronze: uh nothig but can i help you?

Dyna: an imagine from the futur has hurt my freind.

Bronzed: really we can help,

Dyna: alright first we should try to find out the person it made a contract with.

Ibarabeast: Duh

Raionbeast: whats going on here.

Dyna: well-

????: HELLO!!! .....

Dyna: what the?


Dyna: wait is that..

??: Yep

(dyna sees a man in the room that looks similar to bronzed)

Dyna: who are you?

Brother: my name is Akagane, Sabaku's brother

Bronzed: Brother this is the 8th one outside

Dyna: wait were did i go

Bronzed: (in the other room with covers under them)

Dyna: that is it

(dyna goes outside and confronts Dyna number 7)

Dyna7: what the-

Dyna: time is sturin' lets get that bee imagin

Dyna7: okay?

(dyna goes inside and finds the other dyna's)

Dyna1: what the @#$%

Dyna2: you shoud've seen this comin'

Dyna3: hey got food

Kibabeast: wel-

Dyna4: GRAAAAAAAAH by back is killing me

Dyna5: Shut up

Dyna6: so let me et this straight there's 8 us'es here

Dyna: yep

Bronzed: *cough* *cough*

(dyna coughs up sand)

Dyna7: you all right

Bronzed: .... actually i've been on earth to much i'm becoming sand, not even.

Dyna7: ... just hold okay

Bronzed: right this is the last imagine i must hold on

Raionbeast: everyone i think we have a trace.

Dyna 1-7: really!

(later in the hospital)

rustle rustle

KF: ! who's there.

????: grant me your wish bzzz any desire it'll happen bzzz

KF: a wish... I wish... to know my...

????: yes your what bzzz your what bzzz

KF: ........ name

????: bzzz?

KF: "I wish to know my name"

???? bzzz your wish is my command bzzz.

(later on bronzed liner)

Dyna; the hospital

Kibabeats: right we'll take these bodies and go search

Dyna4: wait

Dyna5: what

Dyna: son of a b-

(the beast bros. possess them)

Ibara: alright

Kiba: ... hey how do you walk in these shoes

Raion: right lets go

Dyna: ri- wait... @#$% you took all the good lines!!