Part 1Edit

KF: so witch world are we in

Dyna: AtacKiva's world

KF: @#$%, so close

Gouka: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Dyna: Gouka

Gouka: Waz up

KF: (I thought that language wasn't invented til around 1990) What in the name of Undead are you here

Jiend: yo

Dyna: Tankyuu

Jiend: I brought him here because for some reason when I sealed him he had a purple card so i can't seal him so

Jiend: Henshin

Gouka: Henshin

KF: Henshin

Dyna: this is pointless but, Henshin

GolDriver: Kamen rider... Duplicator

(Dyna drags Jiend to the mirror world then transforms into his normal form)

Dyna: lets settle it here and now

Jiend: Sure

GoldDriver, and JienDriver: Atack rider.. Slash

(Dyna and Jiend fight withsparks flying everywhere for 5 minutes)

Dyna: @#$%@#$ this is pointless

GolDriver: Atack Rider, Blast

(Dyna Blasts Jiend nocking him on the ground)

Goldriver: Final Atack Rider...

Dyna: It's Over!!!

GolDriver: Dyna (Blast)

(8 Cards make a line between Dyna and Jiend. Small on Dyna's side but large on Jiends side)


(KrystalFear cuts card with his sword Imploading the blast of the card injuring KrystalFear)

Dyna: NO !!!

Part 2Edit

(Dyna took KF to an ally in AtacKivas world and put bandages on his forhead and Arm)


Dyna: Sorry about that

KF: it's alright it's just that Your A good guy and you shound't do that. I got kicked out board for Nearly killing Leangle.

Dyna: Ya.... I wanted to defeat him because he Eliminated my Teacher Kaito Daiki

KF: hey Isn't his last name Daiki he was his son

Dyna: Ya speaking of which. Whats your name

KF: my name I Never had one Every one Calls me KF. Even before I Started Becoming KrystalFear. It's Probaly My inicals

Dyna: Right, but what

????: I know his name

(Kf and Dyna look towards the man wearing a dark blue tux and a Lion Mask)

KF: who are you

????: Call me Mr. Nanmon

Mr. Nammon: I will give you scrabled letters so you solve it. heres the letter

(Mr.Nammon hands a peice of Paper with "koatzieaf"

KF: what are you-

(Mr. Nammon disapeared)

KF: were'd he go?

Dyna: look

(dyna pointed to the building with a woman standing on top)

Dyna: thats "Sai" an allie of AtacKiva

KF: lets go

Dyna: right (Krystalfear seems to be fine with not knowing his own name, why?)

(10 minutes later)

KF: hey stop

Dyna: @#$%@# how do you have so much energy!!

Sai: who are you

KF: Kamen rider KrystalFear, do you know were Kamen rider u-tak-eva is?

Dyna: @#$%@#$... it's... Atac- cramp cramp craaamp

Sai: pathetic

KF: so

Sai: hunting himself

Dyna: what

Sai: Ryuukiba AtacKiva is a human, however the energy from Takiva has made a Vangir of him the Harp vangire capable of using Sound attacks.

KF: He's being hunted and you wn't even HELP!?

Sai: My power are nutrilized because I can only become Rho when Ryuukiba in his human form is not in combat.

KF: is he still alive

Sai: of course he is nothing on earth can destroy him, idiot

KF: then why can't you help him

Sai: I am weak in this form

KF: then i will help him, Henshin

KFbuckle: REMOTE

(the REMOTE card brounght the Gazzel, Tiger, and Dragonfly undead from there cards)

KF: find Ryuukiba he looks like.... what does he look like

Sai: *sigh* Black hair with red an orange eyes and has his arm covered up in bandages

KF: what she said

(the undead left quickly of there tremendous speed followed by Sai leaving)

Dyna: those undead are some of the fastest why are you comitted

KF: tell me have you ever heard of "Kazuma Kenzaki"

Dyna: yes he was the original "Kamen rider Blade" and tried to eliminat Kamen rider Decade

KF: I tried to turn him back to human but i failed because nobody assisted me thats why i have all 55 original undead

(an exposion occured)

Dyna: thats our train ticket

Part 3Edit

(dyna and KF went to the explosin and found the Harp Fangire)

Dyna: Henshin

KF: look theres Ryuukiba

Dyna: i got this you get him to safety

KF: right

Dyna: all right then ugly

GolDriver: Kamen rider...

Dyna: take this

GolDriver: 4X Strider

(Dyna battled the Harp Vangire dodging everymove charging by the sun light)

GolDriver: Attack Rider...

Dyna: Adios el Harpo

GolDriver: Solar Burst

(Dyna forhead and leg lighted up and did a double flip kick destroying the Vangire)

Dyna: yes

????: mmmmhf mhph mhph mhph mmmmhph


Takivat: bwa im going to kill that purple @#$%@#$ for shoving me in this monster, MASTER

AtacKiva: Takvat

Takvat: I missed you sorry i was shoved inside that thing and-

  • rumble rumble*

Dyna: umm what happened to the Vangires soul it wasn't swallowed by a dragon

(out of the sky appeared a giant monster)

KF: what is that

Jiend: its the monster that appears when a Vangire soul isn't swalloed up

Dyna: Tankyuu!

Takivat: thats the @#$%@#$ that put me in that vangire

Jiend: nice to see you to

JienDriver: Kamen rider... Zolda, Riotroopers, Delta, Garren, Ibuki, Drake,

Jiend: go ride the monster and destroy them.

(the kamen riders jumped onto the monster)

Sai: Ryuukiba

AtacKiva: Sai

Takivat: lets trasform into AtacKivAxe

Atackiva: right

Takivat: Bite

AtacKiva: .... Henshin

(Ryuukiba transformed into Kamen rider AtacKica)

AtacKiva: lets go Sai, Fussel

Takiva: Rho Axe

(Sai turned into an axe and transformed Atackiva into AtacKivAxe)

AtacKiva: hmmmph lets go

KF: right: Henshin

GolDriver: Attack rider...

Dyna: lets destroy the riders first

KF: right

KFbuckle: Whip, Electric, Punch,

AtacKiva: lets go Fussel

GolDriver: Burst

KFbuckle: Thunder Slam

TaKivat: Wake Up

(Dyna, KF, and AtacKiva destroyed all of the kamen riders)

Dyna: nowall thats left is the monster

Goldriver: Final form rider... AtacKiva

(AttacKiva turned into a dragon like verson of the monster)

AtacKiva: what is this form

Dyna: Dragonic Fighter

AtacKiva: I can't hit it

KF: leave it to me

KFAbsorber: Change, Ongeki,

KF: Ongeki form

KF: Chouon Tenki

(KF layed a wonderus rythem that weakend the monster)

KF: Now

(KF jumped of the monster)

Goldriver: Final Attack rider... AtacKiva

(Dragonic Fighter charged to the monster like a burning metorite)

Dyna: it is destroyed

(a portal opened up)

Dyna: bye

KF: bye Sai, Ryuukiba, TaKiva take care

AtacKiva: by

(when they left AtacKiva was down he realized he had been sliced)

Nanmon: ha ha haa HSE4 reporting from AtacKiva's world "Eee"