== Part 1==

KF: Hey Nijiyo are you sure we didn't travel back in time, It looks like it.

Dyna: Its because it is Kamen rider Jakuon is the Oni of the SouthEast.

????: ahhhhhhhh help me please

(Dyna and KF run towards the scream to find a Summer Makamou)

Dyna: Henshin

KF: Henshin

Driver: Kamen rider... Dyna

KF Buckle: Spin Up

Driver: Kamen rider... Zeta

(Dyna and KF fight the Summer Makamou)

Driver: Final Attack Rider... Zeta

(Dyna Destroys the Summer Makamou)

KF: time seal

(KF seals the Makamou)

Jakuon: hey you beat me to it

Dyna: Jakuon

Jakuon: yes but how did you know my name

Dyna: long Story

(While Dyna and Jakuon were talking, KF wandered of)

KF: mmm Chicken

(someone slaps KF's hand)

KF: ouch

????: It is rude to eat someone elses food. I am Kowakuteki an Oni trainer

KF: Wait you make people Oni's

Kowakuteki: and let them use Ongeki

KF: "Ongeki" this card says Ongeki.

(KF hands card to Kowakuteki)

Kowakuteki: Hmmm, then I will train you to be an Oni

KF: But I'm already have Kamen rider powers.

Kowakuteki: Then you will be stronger but lets try using Drum Ongeki

KF: Alright lets go

Part 2Edit

Dyna: soo you use a Violin as your weopan

Jakuon: yep and you travel worlds. Sooooo cool

Gouka: Jakuon!!!

Jakuon: Gouka

Gouka: lets fight right now

(Gouka transforms with his Henshin Kuro)

Gouka: I a'm Eternaly

Jiend: Yo

Dyna: Tankyuu

Jakuon: you know him?

Dyna: ya he wants to seal riders like us

Jakuon: okay

(jakuon transforms into his Oni form)

Dyna: Henshin

Diver: Kamen rider... Dyna

Dyna: hmm time to bring at least one wheel to this world

Driver: Kamen rider... Zeta. Attack rider... Dragon Ring

(a Persons bike turns into Dragon Ring)

Jiend: Henshin

Driver: Kamen rider... Jiend

Driver: Final Form rider... Gouka

Dyna: what Gouka isn't this worlds Kamen rider!

(Gouka Transforms into a giant Ape Disc animal)

Gouka: Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Dyna: Gouka no matter how strong you are you are still Human

Gouka: @#$%@#$ Who are you

Dyna: truely a Golden Generation

(Dyna goes back to his original form)

Driver: Final Form Rider... Jakuon

(Jakuon Transforms into his Violix)

Dyna: here we GO!

(Dyna continues slashing Gouka With the Violix)

Driver: Final Attack Rider... Jakuon

(Dyna slashes Gouka then he does the Final Slash which turns the Violix Blue with Energy)

Gouka: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Dyna: alright

Jakuon: Hey thats my line

(Jakuon turns back into his normal form)

Part 3Edit

Gouka: ha ha ha haa. I'm Still in one peice ha ha ha haaa.

Jakuon: quick use thos cards again

Dyna: can't Final cards can only be used once a day for my GolDriver

KF: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Gouka: hm Who are you

KF: "An easy to see Fear" with a new form

(KrystalFear brings out an Absorber)

KF: hmph

Absorber: Ongeki... Change...

KF: transforms into an Oni with his armor on

(KF puts an Ongekiko on Gouka and says)

KF: Pyonpyon Tora Shuurai

(KF plays a fearful song and at the end he jumps in the air and hits the final note with all of his weight)


Dyna: wait to KrystalFear A new form

KF: yaa. Oh ya lets go next world is

Dyna: Either Bronzed Or AtacKiva

KF: bet you a Spin at your Driver its Bronzed

Dyna: it's "Bronzed"

(a portal opens up)

KF: what ever