Part 1Edit

KF: Hey what world are we in

Dyna: I said it in the last world we wait then we find out

KF: alright

(Suddenly they here a weird noise)

KF: Ahhh My ears are ringing

Dyna: I hear it to Were in Duplicator's World

KF: What do we do

Dyna: Find a Mirror

(luckily they found a broken down car with an intacked side mirror

Dyna and KF: Henshin

Driver: Kamen rider... Dyna

KF buckle: Spin Up

KF: look a monster

Dyna: a Mirror Monster I might add

Driver: Kamen rider... Moth

Driver: Attack rider... Clock Up

Driver: Final Atack rider... Moth

(Dyna has defeated the monster)

Jiend: hellow again

Dyna: Tankyuu oh and hi KF

Kf: Hi and good by

Dyna: wait What do you waant

Jiend: Like I said I have freinds say hellow

(suddenly 4 people entered 2 holding hands, 1 Widdling, and another 1 with a cigar)

KF: what You think I'm scared of a Couple, a Widdler, And a Smoker hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

4 People: HENSHIN

KF: Hu what there riders

Jiend: yes say hellow to Kamen rider Slash Out (widdler), Kamen rider Widow (female), Kamen rider Trubo (femalef boyfriend), and A newby Kamen rier Aprojay (smoker)

KF: #$%&

Driver: Attck rider Slash

SlashVisor: Sword vent

WidowVisor: Strike Vent

TruboVisor: Spin Vent

AprojayVisor: Strike Vent

Driver: Atack rider... Clock Up

(Dyna is still in Moth form)

(Dyna slashes Trubo but then he was springed against a wall)

Dyna: What the

Trubo: Spin Vent isn't the only card I activate, I summoned My beast BearDrill

KF: #$%&#$%& Fear mine Iv'e saved this for a while

KFBuckle: Remote

(KF summons His Puffin Undead King of Clubs)

KF: go

Trubo: I got it

TruboVisor: Final Vent

KFBuckle: Slam... Electric... Punch... THUNDER SLAM

KF: Join me Puffin

(Trubo has his Spin vent on him and is on BearDrill's Drill and Drills)

(The Ouffin Undead Joins KF with his Punch)

Part 2Edit

Dyna: KrystalFear

(an explosin occurs)

Trubo: ah, @#$%@

KF: Shut up

(suddenly a AdventCycle appeared and a golden rider came out of it)

Dyna: Kamen rider Duplicator

DuplicatorVisor: Twin Sword Vent

(Appeared 2 swords one blue the oyher red with a golden blade0)

Driver: Atack rider Slash

Dyna: lets go

(Duplicator and Dyna fight Kamen rider Widow and Slashout)

DuplicatorVisor: Final Vent

(Duplicator crosses his swords and jumps in the air and gets blasted by An Ice and Fire Explosin and strikes down Slash out with a Twin Slash on Slash out)

SlashOut: Argh ah I'm Getting out of here

(Slash out leaves but his robed of his cards by Aprojay)

Aprojay: More cards for me

Trubo: ahh hey my cards

Aprojay: to slow

WidowVisor: Final Vent

Widow: take this Aprojay

AprojayVisor: Advent (BearDrill) Spin Vent

Aprojay: Deal with her

(DrillBear negates Widow Final vent and scaters her cards Every were)

Widow: M m my deck

Aprojay: So Many cards so little time

AprojayVisor: Advent (BearDrill) Advent (Shlion) Advent (Warantula) Advent (Brobajell)

Aprojay: Brobajell enjoy your snack

(Brobajell Zaps the 3 beasts defeating them and beoming strong but the result Turned Kamen rider Trubo, Widow, and Slash Out gray and black)

Arojay: I am the strongest I have defeated all riders even your freinds

Dyna: Dosn't matter because no matter what you do there are still riders

AproJay: What are you

Dyna: "Truly a Golden Generation" so by

Driver: Final form rider... Duplicator

(Duplicator turns into GolDragon)

Aprojay: please

AprojayVisor: Final Vent

Driver: Final Attack rider... Duplicator

(Brobajell graps Aprojay's legs with him holding the Electricuters Knuckle and spins him around)

(Dyna crosses Duplicators swords and jumps in the air and gets blasted by An Ice and Fire Explosin and strikes down on Aprojay with a Twin Slash before Aprojay finishes his Final vent)

Dyna: hmph not bad dupliator

Duplicator: Thuh ane kue "Thank you"

KF: are you shy or something

Dyna: no he has trouble talking

KF: oh Ok

(a Portal opens)

Dyna: by

KF: Sianara

Duplicator: Sy an air ah