Part 1== Dyna: I wonder what world this is, it seems like Agito's world

(Dyna notices an Explosin hmm and runs to it but is stopped)

???: arn't you suposed to run away from explosions

Dyna: excuse me

KF: Whats up

Dyna: Kamen rider KrystalFear

KF: Ya

Dyna: you wanna come don't you...

KF: ............ Why not

(Krystal Fear and Dyna look at the Explosin and find this worlds Kamen rider Kamen rider 4X fighting an Unknown)

KF: Who's that

Dyna it's "F.uture O.peration U.ndercover R.ightness X.clamation" or just 4X for short

4X: ugh deman

(4X fights the Unknown with his sword then he pushes the button on his belt twice)

4X: Get ready for my Phoenix Kick

(the phoenix on his head grow mighty wing and flies in the air and delivers a Bright Kick)


4X: hmph

Dyna: so your Kamen rider 4X

4X: yes but who are you

Dyna: Truly a golden generation

4X: yes I am

KF: he means himself

4X: ohhh... well.. wait are you.. you know.... Kamen riders?

KF and Dyna: YES Kamen riders Dyna and KrystalFear

4X: well then nice to meet you

KF: nice to meet you toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Part 2Edit

(KF is still and then something happens)

Dyna: KrystalFear sre you ok

(KrystalFear Henshins but not into Krystal fear)


4X: Ekiso!!!

Dyna: whos Ekiso

????: this worlds dark rider

Dyna: Tankyuu

Jiend: hello


driver: Kamen rider... Dyna

Dyna: truly a go, Who am I kidding at a time like this

(Dyna rushes into to battle and transforms into kamen rider 2)

Driver: Kamen rider... 2


Dyna: yep

driver: Final atack rider... 2

Dyna: Rider kick

KFEkiso: I will defeat you I am the ultimate system i am a combination of the Dead, Mind control, and Chemicals. so good by

Dyna: wrong Ekiso 4X is a life changing system and person so lets go 4X

4X: Alright

Driver: Final form rider... 4X

(4X turn into a long hover board with wing)

Driver: Final attack rider... 4X

(Dyna soars high in the sky then sticks his leg out and board strikes down opon Ekiso)

KF: errr agh little monster

Dyna: thank you 4X

Dyna: no thank you if it weren't for you we would had to deal with that spirit any longer we wouldn't have survived.

KF: can we go know my back is killing me

(KF notices an unknown and henshjins

KF: Unknown... HENSHIN

KF weopan: Electric... Punch... Whip... THUNDER SLAM

KF: now lets seal this thing

Dyna: what Unknown can't be sealed

KF: sealed it

Dyna: impossible

(a portal opens opens and KF and Dyna walk through it)