Nijiyo Kadoya who is the son of Tsukasa Kadoya who is Kamen rider Decade is following in his foot steps, only he's not saving worlds he's Saving People of the Aftermath of Tankyuu Daiki. The Son and Assasin of Kaito Daiki. Tankyuus goal is to seal all riders in cards and become the only rider making him the strongest rider, But If Tankyuu suceeds the monsters of the worlds wll reach there goal and Destroy and Conquer both the World and all of Humanity. so Nijiyo As Kamen rider Dyna Travels Worlds to give Invincabilty to riders who have used there "Final Form rider" forms.

Kamen riderEdit

WTF !!!

Kamen rider Jiend

Kamen rider Upsilon

Kamen rider Z

Kamen rider JacKnight

Kamen rider KrystalFear

Kamen rider 4X

Kamen rider Ekiso

Kamen rider MegaMoth

Kamen rider Widow

Kamen rider Slash Out

Kamen rider Trubo

Kamen rider Aprojay

Kamen rider Duplicator

Kamen rider...

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