Kamen rider Duplicator



GolDragon, Summons GolDragon a two headed golden europeon Dragon With blue on one side and red on the other

Twin Vent, Doublad Summons two swords one with a blue blade the other with a red blade

Strike Vent, Whipseaker Summons

Guard Vent, StrongSpot Summons a big thick Sheild

Final Vent, GolDestruction Duplicator crosses his swords and jumps in the air and gets blasted by An Ice and Fire Explosin and strikes down with a Twin Slash on the opponet

Survive cardsEdit

Survive mode, The Survive Card activates Duplicators Survive Mode.
ShininGold, A 1 headed dragon with a gold line arrowned his head and body seperateing the blue side from the red side, and wheels at the side of his Knee and Elbows, and with Giant bladey Golden wings.

Shoot vent, GlondenJinx Blasts a tornado of Ice and Fire out of Survisor

Giant Sword Vent, MaraduRustler, A Giant Golden sword is Summoned it is a long Gold Blade with a Blue and Red bottom

Guard vent, DragArmor, A giant Chest Plate as tall as Duplicator

Exploding vent, DraGauntlet, ShininGold bursts a Ice and Fire on the opponet causing an Explosin

Final vent, ShininGold converts into a Motorcycle and summons a Sphere of Ice and a Sphere of Fire and then Flaps its wing to blast the opponet andthen drives thru the opponet