Hikawa Ouja was a kid whos parents were never with. His mom died before she got to hold him as a baby. and his Father works at excavations. Hikawa usualy gets in street trouble and ends of washing his blood out of his clothes. but after His Father gave him 3 coins Coin one with a Dragon one with a Bear and one with a Jaguar.Later on a Subway train. He heres a rythem that goes 1,1,2, then when he went to the end of the sub way he heard screams. A monster was killing passengers. then something happen he heard a voice telling him to look below. then he realized a belt appeared when the monster came. He placed the three coins in the belt. and closed it then it said "DoKuJa"'' "DoKuJa" "DoKuJa" "DoKuJa". 'Then sudenly he transformed into,

"Kamen rider Aboo" and fought the monster then it turned into the "Bu Bull Medal". Now he fights the Greed and Yummy as Kamen rider Aboo



Medals: Do Dragon, Ku Bear, Su Spider