4x Negat.png|thumb|171px|right|Kamen rider 4X Negation form]]

Strider form (left) and Hallow form (right)

Kamen rider 4X (kamen raider four ex

modif: Phoenix-Coin-Agito


Kamen rider 4X is a half earth made half agito made kamen rider. it is a mechanicle and magcal fusion the ultimate kind. 4X kamen tranfform into a form of his choice when he henshins he can trandform into his Strider form (gold) or his Hallow form (silver) he has seperate abilitys to each form.

Strider form good for detecting enemies can do ariel combat more stronger
Hallow form good for stealth fights can do under water combat more defensive

Negation formEdit

Negation form is Kamen rider 4Xe's super form. In this form 4X has the ability to use all of his abilities and the ability to redirect any attacks (no matter were it hits)
4x Negat

kamen rider 4x negation form