Episode 1 "Pilot"Edit

Daisuke: What the, wear am I

Des Omega: Yes it work's the Teleporting station works

Daisuke: What the, who are you what is this place

Cyril: My lord what should we do with him.

Des Omega: Hmmm, (snap) I Know T-65B

T-65B: Roar, you snapped?

Des Omega: Despose of him

Daisuke: What !?

T-65B: Roar !!!

(Daisuke Runs and tries to to escape but)

Daisuke: Ack My belt

T-65B: Roar !!!!

Daisuke: I guess this will do rrrrrrr (Zap) Ah

Cyril: Hmmm

(Cril notices that he took the Belt)

T-65B: Ya you better run

Cyril: My Lord he took the Shuriken Belt

T-65B: uh Tall Lady say "WHAT"

Des Omega: Rrrrrrrrrrrr, T-65B

T-65B: Yes

Des Omega: Hunt him down now

T65B: Yes my Lord

(As T-65B Hunt Daisuke for the belt it turns out he's a "2nd Place State High School international champion" So Daisuke stopped for a Water and said)

Daisuke: What is this Place it's to cool to be a Desert, Yet to Wildish to be a Waste land.

???? ????: Hey

Daisuke Huh

T-65B: Peek-aboo I see you

Daisuke: Crud

T-65B: But first

(T-65B pulled out a crystal from his bag and ate the whole thing and he transforms into a Squid)

T-65B: Yeehaw Just call me Now Squidivor, Yeehaw

Daisuke: no

(Then Suddenly a golden Shuriken Appeared out of no were)

Squidivor: What the Heck

Daisuke: hmm hey it fit's

(The button on the belt lighted up)