Gender: Male
Motif: Grasshopper, Shinobi, Earth
Rider Type: Hero
Homeworld: Earth

Birthday: 4/23

Age: 17
Person Height: 5.8 In.
Rider Height: 5.11 In.
Person Weight: 113 lb
Rider Weight: 70 lb
Kamen Rider Jinin

KamenRiderShuriken - Normal2

Fictional Charecter BiographyEdit

Daisuke had been secretly training as a ninja ever since he was young. Then when he was on his way to Mount Izanagi where the ninja camp was he found it destroyed and left in ruins. Luckily a student named Rey survived and told Daisuke the "Kajnin" did this. Daisuke drove Rey to his apartment where he treated his wounds.

Then Rey gives him the Shinto Scroll and says it's the only power they could use to fight the Kajnin. Then the news came on the TV and said that a monster was attacking the city. Daisuke runs off and finds the monster. Daisuke hten uses the Belt to become Kamen Rider Jinin. Daisuke defeats the monster by using Jininpou


  • Shinto Scroll, a scroll that Daisuke uses to become Kamen rider Makin by opening it and letting the scroll atatch itself to Daisuke


  • "Kamen Rider Jinin" menas "Masked Rider Earth Shinobi"