The Kamen Rider Finisher is a unique finishing move to be used by Kamen Riders against the monster/kaijin after it has been weakened from fighting with the Rider. There are serval different types of finishing moves.

There are six types of finishers (It also can see in Category Page: Kamen Rider Finishers):

The Rider Kick is a powerful Kick a Rider uses. This finishing move is the most common to Kamen Riders, and have been used by a Rider at least once during an appearance, regardless of what form that Rider is in.
The Rider Punch is a powerful Punch a Rider uses. This is a somewhat uncommon finisher but is considered the second-most common finisher.
The Rider Slash is a powerful slash from a sword a Rider uses.
The Rider Shoot is a powerful shot from a gun/blaster a Rider uses.
The Rider Thrust is a powerful Thrust with a staff or polearm a rider uses.
The Rider Chop is a powerful karate chop a Rider uses. This kind of finisher is rarer than the Rider Punch.

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