Name: (unkown)

Rider type: Neutral

Rider gear: Chest Guard

Kamen ride cards: Dex, Gills, Zolda, Psyga, Chalice, Tohki, Gatack, Gaoh, Saga, and Eternal.

Attack ride cards: (dex) Slash, Blast, Warp, (gills) Claw, Filler, Stinger, (zolda) Shoot vent, Strike vent, Guard vent, Advent, (psyga) Tonfa Edge, Flying Attacker, (chalice) Reflect, Float, Shuffle, (tohki) Ongeki Kanabo Retto, (gatack) Clock up, Double calibur, (gaoh) Ga Liner, Ga Gasher, (saga) Whip, and (eternal) Eternal edge.

Form ride cards: (psyga) Flying Attacker, and (eternal) Stengthening armament.

Final attack ride: (dex) Front Line Slash, (gills) Gills Heel Claw, (zolda) End of Worlds, (psyga) Exceed Charge, (chlice) Spinning Dance, (tohki) Ongeki O Ichigeki Doto, (gatack) Rider Kick, (gaoh) Tyrant Crash, (saga) Snaking death-break, (eternal) Never Ending Hell, and (any-card) 4th Dimension Kick,





all of Kamen rider Dex'es cards are sideways instead of upright.

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