� series: Kamen Rider W Rosuto

Fictional charecter biograophyEdit

Rosuto is basicly Ryube Ingasonozaki's (Fusion Dopant) apprentice he has sold many Gaia memories and has Ryube's total trust. Rosuto has made Raito Ingasonozaki a perfect memory just to get his Fang memory. Rosuto has create memories and has spunk he slapped a case of Gaia memories out of Ryubes hands and said "Idiot non of these have my taste" Then Ryube let Rosuto create memories even ones that do not have to be for human beings.

rest unavailible


Creator FormEdit

Offense: 50% Defense: 30% Accuracy: 20%

Final Move: Royal Countdown

Thunder FormEdit

Offense: 40% Defense: 40% Accuracy: 20%

Final Move: Shocking Countdown

Basilik FormEdit

Attack: 30% Defense: 20% Accuracy: 50%


Driver meoriesEdit

Creator, Thunder, Basilik, Countdown (attached to final driver), Fang2,

Weopan memoriesEdit

Axe, Gun, and Sword,

Other memoriesEdit

Dimension, Eliminate, Flip, Hero, Ink, Jump, Kill, Lion, Multiply, Negative, Octopus, Psychic, Quick, Rage, Underground, Vicous, Whip, X-ray, Yell, and Zoo,