Imperial Rage (also known as "the berserk awakened") is the state that whenever receives an full potiental of rage, their eyes become fearsome which is turned eyelids into gold and went violent completely.

One case that Samuel Nakaoka the Second (only Yang) having accidentally awakes his berserk state, it the key to revive the true Evolution God.

Awakened fromEdit

  • Anna Heartfila -
  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second - First awakened from Vector's actions and then second awakened after Reginald's Barian Mode Nash killed Natalie, but later third awakened furiously as a result when Kumon become Red Master Baron and abandoned his humanity and fourth awakened because of Heart insults Medic (his own consciousness), by later fifth awakened increasingly because of Natalie's "final demise".
  • Natalie Blackstone -