� I can Hurt you from this point

Modif: Thorn


Ibarabeast was the conductor of the "3rd Liner" but was crashed by the "GaohLiner", but luckily the the train was powered by the sands of time which rebuilt the train. now Ibarabest teams up with Kamen rider bronzed and battle's all evil

Final attacksEdit

Blood Fever (1-7), Ibarabeast throws his spear at the enemy and then jumps and does a kick, which goes throw the enemy.

Blood Fever Single, Ibarabeast shoves his spear in the enemy then kicks it.

Blood Fever Extreme, Ibarabeast rides exactly in front of the "3rd Liner" sticking his "Ibara Stagger" straight out and goes straight threw the enemy.

Rider form

Blood Fever Rise Up, Ibarabeast jumps into the sky and spins forming a small tornado which drills threw the enemy

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