You can make as many Dopants as you want but no Copying other ones from the Movies or the TV Series

List of DopantsEdit

Creator dopantEdit

Identity: Rosuto (past)

Motif: Wizard/Space/Time

Fictional charecter biograhy: Rosuto was a gambler but when he became the creator dopant his dna started to become a form of Gaia-human. Later became infected by the countdown which shorten his life to 10 miites but insted of dieing a belt appeared with the countdown memory in it. He soon transformed into Kamen rider Countdown and now fights dopants as a kamen rider.

Eliminate dopantEdit

Identity: Megumi Kyogin

Motif: Assation/Bounty Hunter

Fictional charecter biography: Megumi was an ex-singer who went down the drain. She beame a dopant to become a singer again but became mute and lost humanity.

Joker DopantEdit