Chinomako the Dark Eye
Gender: Male
Series: Singular Rider S
Motif: Insect, Archtype Rider
Rider Type: Villain
Homeworld: Super Sentai World
First Appearance: {{{firstepisode}}}
Final Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
Number of Appearances: 3
Actor: Ryuzaburo Otomo
Chinoma Diend->Complete Form
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Chinomako (ちのまこ Chinomako?) is the rogue Ayakashi who confront Samuel, Takeru and Karen in the past. He took the Spiritual Camera from Project Zero World and decide to flood the Sanzu River like other Ayakashi. This all cause confront Samuel and Daiki (who controlled by a tricky Beast Memory) take a picture the Diendriver, but creating a ghostly version called Chinomadriver (ちのまドライバー Chinoma Doraibā?) also known Darkness Diendriver (闇のディエンドライバー Yami no Diendoraibā?) or Ghost Diendriver (ゴーストディエンドライバ Gōsuto Diendoraiba?) in the toy version to transform into a ghostly version of Diend called Chinoma Diend (チノマディエンド Chinoma Diendo?).


Ghost DiendriverEdit


Ghost Diendriver

The Ghost Diendriver (ゴーストディエンドライバ Gōsuto Diendoraiba?) aka Chinomadriver (ちのまドライバー Chinoma Doraibā?) (in the show) was the ghastly twin version of Diendriver who accidentally used Spiritual Camera to take a picture then creating it much as Samuel and Daiki horror.

RIDE CardsEdit

These RIDE Cards were used by Chinomako after accidentally used Spiritual Camera to take a picture. It were exactly same as Singular Rider did, but instead was kaijins. Though Samuel taking Sae Kurosawa RIDE Cards, he impossible to return back, but he finally figure out to put back.

  • Bat Fangire
  • Sae Kurosawa
  • Arch Orphnoch
  • Sakuya Haibara
  • Hime of Orochi
  • Triceratops Dopant
  • Medusa Legendorga
  • Psycorogue
  • Raydragoon
  • Thorn Fangire
  • Joker Undead

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